for the CoCreate company (CAD software) we developed in a team of 5 CreaT!FF people a concept for a multimedia CD-ROM which should introduce the 3D CAD software SolidDesigner to the customer.

Beat Oschwald
Irina Baumgärtner
Konrad Loster
Maurice Baldensperger
Martin Dambach

concept of the human hand

hand and brain

the human hand is a very important part of the human body. Hand and brain are connected closely. In the German language there is a word "begreifen" which means, that you understand something which may be complex. The root of the word "begreifen" means, that you grap something with your hands to understand it. Superior products are the result of a CoCreation-process between brain and hands. Superior products are often hand-made. CAD is an improvement of "hand-made". CAD is the appropriate modern version of Design, especially for technical products.

hands test quality

the customer wants to handle the CAD-made products. He takes the products in his hands and with his hands he will test the quality of the product.

human hand as functional 3D object

the human hand is a perfect functional 3D model designed by nature. It is an striking example for a technical solution. With SolidDesigner the customer gets a tool to achieve a similiar perfect solution.

human hands are positive

there are much more meanings and relations connected to the human hand such as: magic, power, shelter, healing, art (hands of a piano-player, hands of an artist)..... Mostly very positive emotions are connected to the human hand.

the hand is a global symbol

people all over the world are familiar with the symbol of the human hand, and everywhere it has the same meanings.

CoCreate hands are unique

even the human hand is an often used symbol, we want to use it for CoCreate and SolidDesigner CAD, because it expresses perfect the philosophy of CoCreate and the genuine CoCreation process. To give the hands of CoCreate a unique design which makes the hands different from other hands used in advertisings, we choose an abstract hand, combined with the CI-colors of CoCreate. The hand of CoCreate also will change into more technical (CAD) hand-looking-like elements: a bunch of keys forms a hand and leads to the 5 key messages of SolidDesigner. A set of five spanners form a hand which leads to the technical demos, provided by CoCreate. These adaptations of the human hand and others will make the CoCreate hands very special and we will achieve a connection to CAD.

The human hand will also be used in the intro to manage a slight show and also in the final sequence. High quality black and white fotos show hands of different people, hands in different positions and hands doing a worldwide well known game, mostly played by children.

the human hand visualizes CoCreation

the hand is a unit, which is formed by 5 individual fingers, which look different, have different names and different functions. The 5 fingers have to act in a team to start a creative process. Finally hands realize the design or construction ideas. If you look at the 5 senses you will find, that all senses collect datas from the outside world. The hands with the sense of touch are the most important output tools of the brain to create real things in the world!


We will stick very close to the CI of CoCreate. Whenever possible only one CI-colour of CoCreate is used on one site. We will use self made high-quality black and white pictures.